Privacy Policy

The website is a very secured place to generate free codes and our team specially take care of the safety of our visitors. The privacy of our visitors is very important to us and we care about this. We make no use of our visitor’s personal information. Following are the main privacy & policy terms.

privacy policy terms

  • Whenever the personal information is asked, our team takes care of the details and save them in a private data store.
  • We just use the information to verify that the visitors is genuinely human or not.
  • Our system is made with such programming that after the completion of process the information is deleted itself.
  • The generator available at the website is just an example and do not support any kind of programming or hacking so visitors could not claim the website.
  • This is an informative blog and we are trying to provide unique information to our visitors.
  • makes or express no warranty of the accuracy of the delivery of services.