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Bitsgap Crypto Trading Platform Review

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Bitsgap Software

The Bitsgap platform offers automated trading solutions, which are ideal for both newbie and experienced traders. It also offers a range of trading options and a huge range of assets. Users can even download a free trial version of the software and try the trading platform for seven days. It’s important to note that the Bitsgap platform is not an investment advisor, but a platform that offers automated trading services.

Security is one of the most important aspects of any cryptocurrency exchange, and the Bitsgap platform does not skimp on this front. The platform uses 2048-bit RSA encryption to protect customer funds. This is twice as secure as the standard used by most banks, and ensures that no one outside the exchange can steal this data. The platform also allows for two-factor authentication, or 2FA, which is an option for those who want even more protection.

Users can access a demo account to practice trading before they invest real money. The account comes preloaded with simulated paper money to let them experiment with trading bots and signals without fear of losing money. They can also use the demo account to learn about arbitrage. Users can use the Bitsgap platform to invest in a variety of crypto assets.

Another important feature of the Bitsgap platform is its use of advanced analytical tools. Traders can choose a chart style and time frame to follow. In addition, they can trade off of the exchange’s order book or set their own price. In addition, Bitsgap offers a trading bot that enables users to generate profits from small price fluctuations. The bot can be set to execute orders on multiple exchanges.

Bitsgap also offers tools for crypto arbitrage, which is a process whereby traders place an order on two different exchanges at the same time. The platform makes the process seem effortless and automated. The Bitsgap platform also takes into account the commissions and fees charged by competing exchanges. The system then calculates the profit percentage from the arbitrage based on these factors.

Traders can connect up to 20 bots to their accounts at supported exchanges. They can also use the platform to track their portfolio. Bitsgap provides a demo version, which allows them to test their strategies before investing real money. There is a GRID algorithm that runs the bot. Users can also define a range or limit for their investments, which will be allocated proportionally.

Bitsgap crypto trading platform

Bitsgap offers three subscription plans. The Basic plan is free, and includes unlimited trading and standard features such as signals and demo trading. There’s also a Pro plan, which costs $149 per month and has priority customer support. For new traders, Bitsgap offers a free trial to test the trading bots using the demo account with play money.

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Traders can also use Bots for automated trading. Bots are a good choice for beginners as it requires little experience and can be configured by non-experts. In addition, Bitsgap allows users to use multiple bots on a single account. Traders can choose the bots that work best for them on the free version. Traders can use their robots to earn passive income trading various crypto coins.

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